Knowledge of mechanics is a stepping stone to many types of skilled jobs.
Gears, cams, pulleys, rings and clips; they're all here in this book.  2nd Edition contains two new chapters: Pneumatics & Hydraulics and Mechanical Troubleshooting.  134 pages.

Easy to read. Great gift for son or grandson.  For kids and adults.
By Joe Jacobs, former maintenance technician for the U.S. Postal Service. 
Start With Mechanics
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About the Author
Written by Joe Jacobs, a former maintenance technician for the United States Postal Service.  Trained on electronics and mechanics, he has worked on everything from simple conveyors to the best industrial automation machinery.
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Also by Joe Jacobs - Troubleshooting Machines

Electronics Troubleshooting for field service and industrial maintenance. Written for beginners and those just starting out. Relays and photo sensors to programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Has a chapter on Electronics Theory for passing a hiring exam.

Joe Jacobs, the author of Start With Mechanics and Troubleshooting Machines is a former maintenance techinician for the US Postal Service; he has worked on everything from conveyor belts to computer networks. Paperback 115 pages.        $9.95                

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7 chapters includes Pneumatics/Hydraulics and Mechanical Troubleshooting        table of contents
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